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Applying finish to a live edge table.


We are producers of custom, high end, heirloom, live edge tables, fly tying tables, desks, counter tops, and beds.  Our aim is to produce the piece of furniture custom designed by you in close consultation with our team.  We specialize in solid wood, not glued boards, wide, 2 ½" - 4” thick tables and can craft legs made of wood or custom hand forged wrought iron.  The base can range from simple, yet elegant, to a blacksmith’s masterpiece.


Our wood is sustainably harvested from many parts of the world, predominantly North and South America.  We have a large selection of species available such as black walnut, spalted maple, cherry, parota, cocobolo, purpleheart, jatoba, and many more.  We have the ability of sourcing virtually any available wood for your needs.


We strive to provide whatever the customer desires.  Our preference is solid wood, not glued boards.  We pride ourselves on having wide, long slabs for tables but can produce tables of whatever dimension you need.  Our signature table is one with live edges on either side with a sculpted edge on the ends.  The ends can also be finished square if desired.  This can be helpful for putting smaller tables together for larger events and Holidays.


Finishing our furniture is an art that is overseen by John, one of our co-owners and Master finishing expert with 44 years of experience in the field.   He works with our team to produce the finish of your choice. He is always willing to discuss finishes with you to help you understand what the best finish for your needs will be.

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