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John is applying a spray finish to a live edge table top.


Why put a finish on wood?  If nothing is done to wood it will more than likely check, split, warp, cup, or twist because wood will take in and give off moisture at an uneven rate.

There are only 3 reasons to put a finish on wood:


  1. To seal it or to stabilize it.

  2. To protect it against dirt, fingerprints, spills, etc.

  3. To enhance the inherent beauty of wood.


There are 3 things that will make or break a piece of furniture:

  1. The overall design (detail, proportion, lines)

  2. The wood (depth of color, the grain)

  3. The finish


Finishes we use:

Hand rubbed oil and wax


Our most popular.  It penetrates and hardens the wood fibers, tends to be a soft to the touch, and gives a very natural look to wood.



  • This is used as a floor finish


  • The maintenance could not be easier

  •  Alcohol and water resistant

  •  This finish can be restored in home with no mess



  • Only available in a matte sheen


This is a hard finish, will not chip, can sometimes look a bit plastic, topical (lays on top of wood).



  • Tough

  • Will stand up to abuse

  • Rubs out well

  • Alcohol and water resistant  

  • Available in any sheen



  • Can be difficult to touch up when damaged

  • Cannot be restored in home


  • Most likely the finish on all or most of the furniture in your home

  • Hard

  • Can give a warm look

  • Topical finish (lays on top of wood)

  • Used on high end furniture



  • Hard

  • Clarity is very good

  • Can be touched up in home

  • Alcohol and water resistant

  • Available in any sheen




  • A very nice rich finish

  • Tends to be softer than the above

  • Needs more work to apply because it dries very slowly

  • Alcohol and water resistant

  • Not suitable for table tops (too soft)



  • Flexible

  • Tough

  • Oil based

  • Rich look


  • Can be hard to touch up in home

Special Treatments Available

  •   Turquoise inlay

  •   Gold leaf on table edges

Any questions on finishes can be handled by our Master Finisher, John.

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